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Botani Moscatel Old Vines 2022

Botani Moscatel Old Vines 2022

Jorge Ordóñez & Co.
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There are wines about which much could be written, and others that only need one word: perfect. A description of Botani. Try it for yourselves and tell us what you think. As if the Ordóñez name didn't speak volumes - the person who is possibly most responsible for renovating and who continues to renovate the Spanish wine-growing scene with exceptional wines in a great variety of areas – we have to say that the true identity of Botani's original creator is the Austrian Alois Kracher, considered one of the best master craftsmen in the making of sweet wines. We're absolutely positive: try it and you'll immediately be seduced by an exquisite bouquet of the finest and most delicate varietal aromas. Botani exhibits a typically varietal nose (Muscatel) but it does at some point raise the odd doubt: Gewürztraminer? Alsace Riesling? A delicate fragrance cloaked in gentle sweetness. Very seductive. On the palate too: a light sensation of bitterness, of grapefruit, hints at an appearance but doesn't actually materialise, just adding body and vigour to this delicious Muscatel, a white that has an extremely long persistence. Really surprising. But be careful, as the alcohol is very well integrated, so well in fact that you'll finish the bottle off without hardly realising... until the end, that the Malaga sun has given these grapes 13.5 degrees. The label is water-proof so that the bottle can spend sufficient time in the cooler. What more could you ask! Botani is a truly perfect wine.


  • Muscat of alexandria
  • 14.0%, 0.75l
  • Sierras de Málaga

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