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El Senat del Montsant 2021

El Senat del Montsant 2021

7 Magnífics
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Continuing what it has already done in the Terra Alta DO with the first two releases, the red and white Rebels de Batea, the 7 Magnífics collection has now alighted upon another great terroir, the Montsant, and offers us a wine with a Mediterranean profile, and all the heart, soul and personality of this region; its name, always so appropriate, El Senat del Montsant ('The Senate', the voice of experience, that of the three gentlemen depicted on the label). El Senat del Montsant aims to be something more than just 'another wine from the Montsant'; its raison d'être, its main objective, is to present a truthful account of this denomination's wine-making tradition, the nature of its land and the spirit of its people. The wine is made using a selection of different parcels with the intention of representing the locality's remarkable orography, with its variety of soils and microclimates, the influence of its mountains on each individual vineyard, and from two of the most representative locally-growing grapes: old-vine Garnacha and Cariñena, the two indigenous varieties, plus a small amount of Syrah. El Senat del Montsant is a typically Montsant red, with a Mediterranean soul, fruity, delicate and with smooth tannins, which combines the complexity and special characteristics of the three varieties that go into its making. From the Garnacha it picks up an aromatic and sensual profile, of great complexity and fine structure; from the Cariñena it gets its intensity, its restraint and very good acidity; and from the Syrah, the nuances which give overall balance, a red appearing a beautiful colour in the glass, deep and luminous. Aged for 8 months in French oak barrels, El Senat del Montsant is a wine that is still young, full of life, enriched by the past and boasting a great future ahead.


  • Garnacha, Cariñena, and Syrah
  • 14.5%, 0.75l
  • Montsant

Tasting notes

  • Ruby red, deep, luminous
  • Fruit aromas, fruits of the forest, jam, raspberry, lactic notes, butter, toffee
  • Fruit-forward, delicate, smooth tannins, aromatic, sensual, complex, structured, good acidity, balanced


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