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Garoina 2023

Garoina 2023

Celler Oliveda
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Garoina (the Catalan name for sea urchins) is a magnificent Mediterranean treasure, a fragrant flavoursome wine with a taste of the sea. The vineyard is located near the village of Capmany at the foot of the Serra d’Albera hills. Chardonnay grape vines, about 20 years old, thrive here in ‘sauló’ soil, a kind of sandy loam soil very characteristic of the area. The vines are planted on south-facing slopes meaning they receive many hours of sunlight while hills to the north protect them from the worst of the severe Tramuntana winds. The grapes are usually harvested at the end of August, at night to conserve the fruit’s best qualities, and then gently pressed to extract the flower must which is fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. It is bottled after settling, with only 8,000 bottles being produced every year. It delights the eye with a bright yellow colour and golden hints. Aromas of citrus fruit blend with subtle hints of banana and pineapple and the Chardonnay grapes are easily recognizable as is the saline sensation left by the Mediterranean breeze. And all this for an unbelievable price. Unctuous, flavoursome and fresh in the mouth, it is a wonderful wine packed with freshness and a charming mouthfeel. Brimming with white and tropical fruit, it offers all the character of a Catalan vineyard. Subtly bitter hints give each sip a gastronomic feel and a long after-taste expresses all the potential of the terroir. Its name and label may give the impression of a simple wine but Garoina is much more than this. In fact, we are convinced that with a more formal image, it could sell for a much higher price. It is an ideal wine to accompany Mediterranean cooking, pairing best with fish dishes, shell-fish and, of course, sea urchins. Every sip you enjoy just goes to prove that excellent Chardonnays are not only found in Burgundy.


  • Chardonnay
  • 12.5%, 0.75l
  • Empordà

Tasting notes

  • Straw yellow, clean, bright
  • Higly aromatic, fruit aromas, tropical fruit, pineapple, banana
  • Good acidity, balanced, with volume, crunchy, flavoursome, refreshing


  • Aperitifs, Sea urchins, Seafood, Crustaceans, Molluscs, and Rice dishes
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