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Ilercavònia 2023

Ilercavònia 2023

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Ilercavònia is a single varietal Garnacha Blanca from Terra Alta, a region that in Iberian times was inhabited by a tribe called the Ilercavons. Just like them, the present-day inhabitants of Cataluña's most southerly denomination feel strongly rooted to their land and traditions, for example "el ball de la dansada" (a type of dance) or their favourite grape: the Garnacha Blanca. This variety reveals all its merits in this particular wine with its fragrant nose, resulting from a long pelicular maceration. Its ample palate is coated in fine salt, the distinctive touch of many of the region's good whites. Delicate bitter touches of cool minerality swathe the fruit's ripeness (melon and pear), the wild fennel and white flowers. Its aromas overwhelm in a very positive way, obliging our senses to make a huge effort to take them in completely. On the palate, there's pure balance, the perfect equation between powerfulness and elegance, complexity and subtlety. It's long and persistent on the memory, so much so that it proves very difficult to put the glass down, therefore we recommend drinking it accompanied with food which will enhance its merits.


  • White grenache
  • 13.5%, 0.75l
  • Terra Alta

Tasting notes


    • Rice with fish, Honey baked cod, and Cheese croquettes
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