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Les Cousins Vermut Donzell (0.7 L)

Les Cousins Vermut Donzell (0.7 L)

Les Cousins Marc & Adrià
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Les Cousins Vermouth Donzell is a sophisticated and modern expression of the traditional vermouth, created by the innovative Les Cousins Marc & Adrià winery in the heart of Catalonia, Spain. This vermouth reflects the creative spirit and passion for renewed traditions that characterise the cousins and winemakers behind the brand. Made with meticulous care and a focus on quality, Donzell Vermouth combines selected wines with a harmonious blend of aromatic herbs, roots and botanicals harvested from the rich Catalan landscapes, providing a unique and authentic sensory experience. Dark amber in colour and with an inviting sparkle, Les Cousins Vermouth Donzell offers an aromatic complexity on the nose where notes of Mediterranean herbs, citrus hints and spicy nuances intertwine, resulting in an intoxicating and suggestive perfume. Traditional vermouth herbs, such as wormwood and artemisia, are complemented by hints of orange, vanilla and cardamom, among others, creating a symphony of aromas that is both classic and novel. On the palate, this vermouth reveals an exquisite balance between sweetness and bitterness, an essential characteristic of a good vermouth. The texture is smooth and seductive, with a palate that replicates the complexity found in its aroma, adding layers of depth that evolve with each sip. Herbal and spicy notes give way to a moderate sweetness, followed by a clean, lingering bitter finish, inviting reflection and prolonged enjoyment. Les Cousins Vermouth Donzell is perfect to be enjoyed neat, served chilled with a slice of orange and an olive, or as a stellar component in sophisticated cocktails. Its versatility and distinctive character make it an ideal accompaniment to aperitifs and tapas, enhancing flavours and providing an unforgettable prelude to any meal or gathering. This vermouth is not just a drink, but a celebration of craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, offering a window into the cultural and botanical richness of Catalonia. Les Cousins Vermut Donzell is an invitation to explore the nuances of a reinvented classic, an experience that delights and surprises aficionados and the curious alike.


  • 15.0%, 0.7l
  • Catalunya

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